To be eligible under the ARGO scheme you should meet the following pre-requisites:


  • To hold a University Degree from any public or private Spanish university obtained in the past three years. To be under 35 years of age with legal residence in Spain.
  • At the time of submission, it is necessary to have obtained one of the following qualifications: Graduate, Engineer, Architect, Technical Engineer, Technical Architect, Diploma, Degree or Masters Degree and demonstrate working knowledge of the language required by the company.
  • To meet the visa and residence requirements, required by destination countries.


  • People having already benefited of any mobility grant: ARGO, FARO GLOBAL, INTEGRANTS, or any other grant promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports with a similar aim.
  • PhD, Master graduates or any kind of Postgraduate studies not holding their previous degree from any Spanish university.
  • Graduates of any other upper education degree, like are those given by upper Schools of Music or Fine Arts Schools. The same applies to foreign university degrees or to holders of officially recognized Degrees obtained foreign countries