Registration of graduates

Call for application CLOSED

1/ Getting the access code 

First the university graduate need to register by filling in the forms with his eligibility details and basic personal details.

In the first step, it is check that the candidate fulfills with the requirements of the ARGO Program.

In personal suitability data, the candidate must introduce his universitary education of base.

If the candidate has finished that universitary education since more than 3 years, he is requested to introduce another universitary education (like master’s degree, PhD, other degrees …) to verify that he has obtained an official qualifications in a Spanish university within the last 3 years.

Then, the system will automatically send him a message with his access details (username and password) that will allow him to enter into his personal area.


From his Intranet, the candidate will be able to fill in the application form. The form, the ARGO CV, is available in four languages and contain information relative to the academic formation, complementary studies, experience, etc.

All graduates will have the same CV’s format, which will facilitate their evaluation in a selection process and which will contributes to the transparency of the process.

Important: The graduate only become ARGO candidate when he has successfully registered is CV.