Phase III

III . Grant aid for the Selection Committee of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

Received the list of priorities provided by the company, the manadgement team of the ARGO program prepare a report which includes the following information: offer data, evaluations of CV´s candidates and their scores, and priorities and scores of the company.

The report will be sent to the Selection Committee of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports , which will determinate the award of internship.

Selected candidates shall indicate whether they are interested or not in continuing with that particular selection process, within 5 days time from the notification of the offer. In the case of resignation, the proposal shall also be communicated to the alternate candidates on priority order based on the final score.

Selected candidates have to formally accept the grant. To this purpose, the ARGO GLOBAL Management Team will contact them directly and provide them with all the necessary pieces of information regarding the documents they need to submit and the paperwork associated to the training period.

The resolution of concession will be published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE) and in the Web of Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

As a general procedure, an unjustified rejection of the grant could cause the expulsion from the Program.

Once the selection process ends, all candidates included will be notified via e-mail whether they have been awarded an ARGO grant or not. Non selected candidates will be included in future selection processes that match their profile.

The candidate must keep its curricula active, only when he has immediate availability to join a possible internship offer. In case of not being available at that time, the candidate must deactivate its curricula from its personal area.

Selection process will have a 4 months estimated duration