Phase I

Once we have received the information of the interested companies, the organization that manages the program will evaluate the global proposal of the companies and will determine if it is eligible or not, as a Host Company, according to the aims of the program. To supply every concerned part (grant holder / company) with the best profiles that match the internship offer, the ARGO management team, after verification of compliance with program requirements, will notify the selection process of max. 20 candidates which achieved the highest total score on the basis of the information submitted in the CV-database. Following the order based in the score, only the first 10 CV shall be sent to the host company. The pre-selection process of max. 10 candidates is referring the following criteria:

  • Average grade on university studies to a maximum of 5 points
  • Curriculum Vitae of the candidate, related to the tasks to be performed on the host company, to a maximum of 10 points
  • Proficiency in the requested language required for communication and activity performed during the training period, to a maximum of 10 points
  • Availability during the mobility period required by the host institution, to a maximum of 10 points
  • Other requirements requested by the host company, to a maximum of 15 points

In addition, to ensure transparency of the process, in cases of equal score, other criteria will be considered as :

  • The candidate does not have any previous work experience
  • Requiring certification of a graduates’s level in the language used by the host institution
  • Territorial balance

The inclusion in any selection process will be immediately notified to the candidates via e-mail and they will also be provided with the following information:

•    Name and code of the internship offer
•    Location of the internship
•    Business sector of the company
•    Expected starting date
•    Duration of the internship
•    Description of the internship and associated tasks

At this point the company’s name is not provided due to data privacy reasons.

Candidates who wish to participate have 10 days from the notification to confirm their interest.

Should a graduate show “not interest”, he will still be available for another selection process but if he rejects 5 offers he shall be considered as “not interested” in the Program anymore and will be discarded in future selection processes.